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Serial: EB-00226 Joining the Tassajara practice period; reminiscences of the first Tassajara practice period; kitchen practice and the Tenzokyokun; The talk reflects on the speaker's experience at Tassajara during a practice period, recalling past memories associated with the location and the changes it has undergone. They discuss the dynamic nature of the practice...
Practice Period, Way-Seeking Mind, Tenzo, Zendo, Ordinary Mind
Nov 02 2010

Intersection of Zen and Clowning

Serial: EB-00230 Being a child in an orphanage; learning to meditate; sitting with negative tendencies; five fears outlined by Buddha; In the talk at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, the themes of Zen practice and childhood experiences, particularly growing up in an orphanage, resonate deeply with the intertwining of meditation and personal history. References are...
Kinhin, Demons, Zendo, Religion, Bell
Aug 25 2010


Serial: EB-00227 Zen practice is doing what is expected whether you want to or not; learning to be in touch with our wounds. The talk delves into the interconnectedness between mind, body, and Zen practice, focusing on the physical manifestation of mental and emotional states. By consistently engaging in Zen practices like meditation and mindful...
Freedom, Intimacy, Doubt, Rumi, Describe
Jul 10 2010


Serial: EB-00231 Impossible to keep everybody happy with style of teaching; story of coming to Tassajara in 1966; fundraising for the monastery; not hiding negative parts of personality; the stories our hands reveal. In the discussion, the focus is on the personal and professional journey of a Zen practitioner who began their practice at Tassajara in 1966. The talk narrates the transformation of Tassajara from a casual, informal setting into...
realization, Practice Period, Delusion, Zendo, Samsara
May 11 2010


Serial: EB-00228AD Chasing after our mental images of things; images of perfection and how reality intervenes; Richard Baker and the events of 1983; David Chadwick at Tassajara, and preserving Suzuki Roshi's legacy. The talk explores the theme of being captivated by mental images and ideals, particularly focusing on the pursuit of perfection and how it affects real-life experiences and relationships. It discusses the notion perpetuated by...
Practice Period, Zendo, Thich Nhat Hanh, Money, Don't Know Mind
Oct 24 2009


Serial: EB-00228AC Being free to make our own choices, following recipes or not; trying to make a difference in a world full of violence. The talk delves into the theme of personal liberation and choice, exploring how adulthood presents opportunities to redefine oneself beyond early childhood decisions and societal expectations. A key focus is the distinction...
Evil, Passions, Buddha Nature, Don't Know Mind, Liberation
Oct 23 2009


Serial: EB-00228AB Being fully aware of our perceptions, of good and bad things; being authentic versus looking good; meditation as a safe place to meet what is arising. The talk discusses the nuances of experiencing life authentically versus performing for the approval of others. The speaker delves into how societal expectations can influence personal behavior and impacts how we understand our...
Equanimity, Observe, Describe, Emotions
Oct 22 2009


Serial: EB-00228AA Release of a new cookbook; being in a movie; intimacy with ingredients; sharing food can be sharing love. The discussion revolves around the intersection of Zen, cooking, and media representation. The central focus is on the newly released "Complete Tessera Cookbook," which consolidates three previous works: "Tessera...
Culture, Dharma Transmission, Thich Nhat Hanh, Intimacy
Oct 09 2009


Serial: EB-00228Y Short introduction to meditation. The talk introduces meditation with an emphasis on the personal nature of the practice, advocating for an approach free from the pressure of correctness. The focus is on experiencing meditation authentically and individually: -...
Instruction, Bell
Oct 03 2009


Serial: EB-00228Z Dogen's Genjo Koan; going to the Apple Store; meditation does not mean you will never feel uncomfortable. The discussion revolves around the themes presented in Zen Master Dogen's "Genjo Koan," the idea of being present yet open beyond the limitations of "here and now," and the challenges of authentic living...
Greed, Equanimity, Attachment, Delusion
Oct 03 2009


Serial: EB-00228V Short introduction to meditation. -
Way-Seeking Mind
Oct 02 2009


Serial: EB-00228W Release of a new cookbook; giving our whole-hearted attention to things; the lack of reality in packaged food; instructions on sitting and walking meditation. -
Thich Nhat Hanh, Instruction, Posture, Bell, Silence
Oct 02 2009


Serial: EB-00228X Visiting the Apple Store; noticing attachments, desires and cravings. -
Attachment, Desire, Sangha, Greed, Intimacy
Oct 02 2009


Serial: EB-00228U Cooking demonstration; practice of eating just one potato chip -
Money, Mill Valley, Ceremony, Culture, Community
Sep 22 2009


Serial: EB-00228T Use of the word love; controlling reality so as not to feel disappointment. -
causation, Sangha, Doubt, Liberation, Describe
Sep 04 2009


Serial: EB-00233A Visiting the Apple Store; visiting with Maureen Stuart Roshi; dealing with our problems. -
Passions, Death, Priest, Delusion
Aug 12 2009


Serial: EB-00235 Dogen's Genjo Koan; dealing with delusion, enlightenment and suffering; mastery is not getting rid of negative emotions and thoughts; story of Montana smoke-jumper. -
realization, Delusion, Death, Soto Zen
Aug 12 2009


Serial: EB-00236 Dogen's Genjo Koan; things and their attributes; mind itself is Buddha; we can't fix our minds. -
Delusion, realization, Death, Sesshin
Aug 10 2009


Serial: EB-00225 Visiting aunt in Virginia; being at Tassajara in 1996; men and women practicing together; story of a sculptor friend having a lung transplant. -
Passions, Greed, Dharma Transmission, Heart Sutra, Desire
Aug 03 2009


Serial: EB-00228R -
Priest, confusion, realization, War, Zendo
Jul 03 2009

You Have to Save Your Own Life

Serial: EB-00228S You have to save your own life. -
resistance, Rumi, Death, Posture, Bell
Jul 03 2009


Serial: EB-00228Q -
Bell, Zendo, Lineage, Rinzai
Jun 29 2009


Serial: EB-00228P -
Samadhi, Silence, Building, Letting Go, Concentration
Jun 28 2009


Serial: EB-00228O -
realization, Silence, Delusion, Desire
Jun 27 2009


Serial: EB-00228N -
Bell, Balance, Aspects of Practice, causation, Daily Life
Jun 26 2009


Serial: EB-00228M -
Buddha Mind, Demons, Doubt, Priest, Ordination
Jun 25 2009


Serial: EB-00228L -
Monkey Mind, Silence, training, Vows, Bell
Jun 24 2009


Serial: EB-00228K -
Demons, Passions, Ordinary Mind, Enthusiasm
Jun 18 2009


Serial: EB-00228J -
Big Mind, Dragons, Tenzo, Beginners, Offering
Jun 17 2009


Serial: EB-00228I -
Heart Sutra, Sutra, Buddha Nature, Bodhidharma, uchiyama
Jun 16 2009


Serial: EB-00228H -
Silence, Evil, Offering, Posture, Enthusiasm
Jun 15 2009


Serial: EB-00238 -
Practice Period, Letting Go, Posture, Community, Death
May 13 2009


Serial: EB-00228D -
Practice Period, Zendo, Soto Zen, Baso, soto
May 12 2009


Serial: EB-00228A -
Politics, Zendo, Tenzo, Money, Don't Know Mind
May 11 2009


Serial: EB-00228B -
May 11 2009


Serial: EB-00228C -
Priest, Mill Valley, Ceremony, Zendo
May 11 2009


Serial: EB-00224 -
Emotions, Tenzo, Addiction, Lay, confusion
Nov 23 2008


Serial: EB-00223 -
Desire, Emotions, Chanting, Don't Know Mind, Letting Go
Nov 22 2008


Serial: EB-00191 -
Intention, Precepts, Right Speech, Lay, Soto Zen
Oct 26 2008


Serial: EB-00221B -
Letting Go, Intention, Way-Seeking Mind, Emotions, Thich Nhat Hanh
Sep 28 2008


Serial: EB-00221C -
Letting Go, Emotions, Renunciation, Silence, Offering
Sep 28 2008


Serial: EB-00221D -
Describe, Death, Emotions, Intention
Sep 28 2008


Serial: EB-00221A -
Intuition, Desire, Interview, Emotions
Sep 27 2008


Serial: EB-00229 -
Ordinary Mind, Global Warming, Emptiness, Mill Valley, Desire
Feb 10 2008


Serial: EB-00232 -
Death, Addiction, Sutra, Karma, Buddha Nature
Oct 14 2007


Serial: EB-00237 -
War, Mill Valley, Sutra, Rumi, Freedom
Oct 07 2007


Serial: EB-00190 -
Money, Thich Nhat Hanh, Big Mind, Building, Rumi
Apr 22 2007


Serial: EB-00048 The talk explores the relationship between bodily awareness and mindfulness, focusing on the interaction with and awareness of various body parts such as hands, hips, and feet. The discussion delves into how often people neglect...
Rumi, Letting Go, Ceremony, Freedom, Conversation
Apr 15 2007


Serial: EB-00215 -
Blue Cliff Record, Intimacy, Thich Nhat Hanh, realization, Sangha
Mar 26 2007


Serial: EB-00189 -
Zendo, Tanka, Chanting, Rumi, Desire
Jan 21 2007